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In 1971, Michael Rougier photographed a young Melanie Griffith and her family as they went about their daily lives with a full-grown lion named Neil.


Auguste Serrure (1825-1903) - Cardinal Richelieu’s portrait

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H20 by (Erik Vaet)

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In the original cut of the film, I had Raven’s character come back to the mansion and have a scene in the kitchen with the X-Men, trying to explain where she’s been and the journey she’s been on, and how the X-Men are not seeing the true threat to mutant-kind that’s out there. So, the scene was written early on, it really wasn’t working for me. And on top of that, I had something on my vocal cord called a contact granuloma. It’s sort of like an ulcer. So I actually wasn’t able to speak for a number of days. I had to communicate with the cast and crew through texts, which was really cumbersome. So I so got tired of that, that I eventually found that if you want to speak without having your vocal cords connect, to allow the ulcer to heal, you could speak in falsetto. So, I began speaking like this. Which, to me was necessary, but to the cast, made them completely not be able to stop laughing. It ultimately culminated with me walking in trying to explain to the actors where her character is coming from, and where she feels they’re all at in their naiveté, by basically saying “You’re all living in a fantasy land.” And the moment I walked in and said that, it sounded like Mickey Mouse. Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t get a scene for quite a while without laughing.

Director Bryan Singer on the deleted kitchen scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Chris Cold

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